DUFF PROPERTIES and the new office

DUFF PROPERTIES and the new office

The new office sounds quite impressive.

The truth is that my new office is tiny. But it is my office, and I am proud of my tiny little space.

After years of resistance, I am finally going ahead with an extension. Mrs Duffy is finally getting her kitchen living space that she has been wanting. Well, REALLY wanting.

I have put up 3-4 years of resistance. But 2021, is the year I have finally given in.

Part of the deal was that I would get my office back. The garage has now been split into a utility, office and small storage area.

The office background

In our first house, before we had kids, I had an office.

Although, I was an average landlord (Dormant landlord), I still liked to be organised.

Then the kids came along, and I had no office.

In 2013, we moved into our current home. Fortunately, we had a spare room, and I had my office back. I could get organised again.

And I didn’t have to manage properties from a dining table.

Until Mrs Duffy replaced the office with a dressing room for her and our girls.

I was back to no office. And again, trying to manage my properties from a dining table.

It gets worse for my OCD. My OCD that is running wild.

Now Mrs Duffy works at home (due to COVID). I have been kicked out of the dining room.

My documents are in boxes in the loft. If I need anything admin wise, I get it down and work in the front room. Or for a change of scenery the kitchen.

Me and DIY

Normally I get the professionals in to do the decorating. Me and DIY don’t go well. I spend half the time going back and forth to B+Q for bits I have forgotten.

Despite my Electrical background, my DIY skills are poor. Or should I say, I never seem to have the time. If I do any DIY, I tend to rush and do a poor job because of the lack of time.

As I was away, I had to get DANOR (DANOR) electrical in for my new office and utility. Nothing major but an excellent job all the same.

It was spotlights, sockets and an extractor fan. A small job that I was happy to give to DANOR. I do enough electrical work at work. Without having to come home and do more electrical work.

After a month in Groningen, I came home for 1 weeks leave. I called a few decorators and none were available.

This led to me painting my new office. I even installed some MDF to make a feature wall. The feature wall is the popular panel effect.

I was over the moon with myself. Pathetic really but my track record with DIY isn’t good. I didn’t rush and tried to make a professional job of it.

My intention was to do a good job as I intend to be spending a lot of time in there …

Full time in my new office

At the moment I class myself as a part-time landlord. I have a full-time job and I manage my properties on the side.

My aim is to move from being a part-time landlord to full-time property investor. Sorry, it’s not an aim, it is going to happen.


A landlord is someone who manages his or her own properties. The day to day running like collecting rent, arranging repairs and ensuring the property is legally compliant: Legal compliance.

An investor will pay 10% (approx.) for a letting agent to manage their properties. They can then focus on the bigger picture. Buying more properties and growing the business.

It might be in a year or 2. It might be 5 or even 10 years. But it will happen. And my new little office is where I will run my property business – DUFF PROPERTIES.

Up to now I have managed my properties. I am working on being more efficient and improving as a landlord. After 18 years of being a landlord, it is time for a change.

It is time to become a full-time property investor. Well, that’s what I am working towards anyway.

The aim of DUFFMONEY is to raise financial awareness. It is also to document my journey from dormant rubbish landlord to successful property investor (fingers crossed anyway).

If you are interested in property investing, leave a comment and I am happy to discuss further.

P.s. DUFF PROPERTIES can help you sell your property quickly and help investors get an excellent return on their money.

Book of the week: The 5 Second Rule, by Mel Robbins. If you want to stop hesitating and procrastinating, this is the book for you. It helps to build confidence with everyday courage.

For a hard copy visit the excellent Imagined Things Bookshop: Imagined things.

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