What if …


What if … Property prices double

What if property prices double in the next 10 years? Historically, they have doubled every 10 years in the UK (UK Property Prices). Like with any market, there are no guarantees with the UK Property market.

This is on average and it is based on data spread across the whole of the UK. Prices rise faster in certain areas.

Some of the larger city’s like Manchester have seen larger house price rises than other’s (Manchester Property Prices). Town’s and city’s in the North East of England haven’t seen much change in the last 10 years.

Worked example

Over the last few years, I have started to think about cashflow when buying houses. Any capital appreciation is a bonus.

Let us take a look at that potential bonus.

The houses I am currently looking at range between £80k and £120k. We will use £100k as an example.

Imagine you have £60k in a less than 1% savings account. And you decided to buy 2x houses at £100k each:

  • You would need roughly £30k for each property
  • £25K deposit (25% deposit with a 75% LTV mortgage)
  • The other £5k would cover legals and light refurbishment
  • This means the £60k would buy you 2x decent BTL rentals. Maybe not in the South but you would get 2x in the North East

Not only would you benefit from positive cashflow, you have potential capital appreciation.

If the 2x properties doubled in 10 years, you would have £200k in equity. And well on your way to FI (Financial independence).

Or you could keep it in that savings account at <1%.

Even if you managed to get 1%, your 60k would turn into £66,307.49. That means you have earned £6,307.49 with your savings account.

That is £193,692.51 less than if you had bought the 2x houses.

Property is a no brainer for any investor. And this example proves the point. 

Perfect storm

There is a lot going on in the North East. It is a great place to live and there is a lot of things happening work wise.

This is evident in Teeside. And this is due to Teesport being a Freeport. It is attracting a lot of interest from some of the biggest companies in the world.

If you believe what you read, the Freeport is set to create 18,000 skilled jobs within 5 years. And this will boost the economy by £3.4billion (Freeport).

The Freeport is set to welcome offshore wind, clean energy, chemicals and process, and manufacturing sectors. If you live in Teeside, this good news is well over-due.

House prices should rise in the North East to catch up with other areas in the UK. Remember, there are no guarantees, and this is only my opinion.

Not only that, but the influx of work will also add fuel to the fire. I am confident that there will be sharp house price rises in the North East in the next few years.

Taking everything into account, the house prices could easily double.

What to do …

Get out there and start looking at buying a rental or a few rentals (Numbers game).

If you live in the North East, I would definitely look at buying rentals. You can benefit from cashflow and potential capital appreciation.

Learn from some of the lessons at DUFFMONEY (DUFFMONEY). Read some books and educate yourself.

What if you don’t have the deposit money? There are ways of buying without any of your own money. Read the excellent Property Magic (by Simon Zutshi) to find out how.

There are also free webinars on YouTube with a lot of material to educate yourself. Educate yourself on property and how to invest using other people’s money.

DUFF PROPERTIES help people who need to sell their property quickly and investors get an excellent return on their money. 

Book of the week: Property Magic, by Simon Zutshi. I have recommended this excellent book in previous posts. But it is well worth a read. It will improve your financial literacy. And take your property knowledge to another level. If you haven’t got any spare money for deposits, it will show you how to invest using other people’s money. A must for any property investor.

For a hard copy visit the excellent Imagined Things Bookshop: https://imaginedthings.co.uk/

Numbers game

It’s a numbers game has come up on a property course I am currently on. The training is Deal Sourcing with Simon Zutshi (Deal sourcing).

With recent property purchases, I have stuck to this strategy. But with rental No.5 I took it a bit too far (Rental No.5).

Before finally getting a deal over the line, I had viewed over 100 properties. This was because I was obsessed with BMV (Below Market Value).

I did eventually get a house BMV, but it took too long. And this is part of the reason why my progress has been slow. Or you might say average.

Learn from my obsession with BMV

It is ok to look for BMV, but don’t become obsessed by it. Look for the best deal that works for you and the seller.

This win win scenario is what is taught by the experts. Getting rental No.4 and No.5 I was obsessed with BMV and was only thinking of myself. This led to average results.

Things have changed and I am now thinking of the win win scenario. I am looking for a deal that works for me. But I am also thinking about the needs of the seller.

With this new way of thinking, I won’t have to view 100+ properties to secure a deal. My latest purchases have been much smoother. Finally, experience is kicking in.

I might not get properties at 25-30% BMV. But I might get 5-10% BMV that works for the seller. It works for the seller because I am a credible property investor who can get the deal done quickly. This is important if the seller needs a quick sale.

A plus point of viewing 100+ properties was that I got comfortable with the word NO… This reminds me of a book, Go For No (Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz).

GO for NO with the numbers game

This is a fictional book about going one way or another. About a salesman who could have went one way or another.

The main character is a salesman called Eric.

It is about 2 alternative outcomes. Eric who just done enough. Who just made his weekly quota (or weekly sales). And Eric who went the extra mile.

After banging his head, Eric black’s out.

We’ll call the 2 outcomes 1) Abundant Eric and 2) Scarcity Eric.

They are both the same person. They make the same sale at the same time. But Abundant Eric really listens to what a customer said after an $1100 sale: ‘The salesperson never decides when the sale is over; the customer does. The customer goes on, ‘Eric, your fear of hearing the word ‘no’ is the only thing standing between you and greatness.’

After this encounter, abundant Eric has a light bulb moment: “I realised that failure was the halfway mark on the road to success, not a destination to be avoided but rather a stepping-stone to get where I really wanted in life.”

The next 10 years are very different for the 2 alternative Eric’s. Scarcity Eric continues as struggling salesman. And loses his job. Abundant Eric become a successful businessman. And has published many books on sales and business.

Personally, I have mainly been like scarcity Eric for most of my adult life. I have always had a fear of failure. Until the last 2 years. Since becoming obsessed with self-development, I am getting more and more comfortable with failure.

And I am getting comfortable with the word NO. Like viewing 100+ properties and hearing a lot of NO’s. It had little or no effect as I pushed on. And I finally got rental No. 5 in September 2020.

Abundant Eric learns not to take rejection personally. He realises it’s a numbers game and pushes on anyway.

If you are like me, you will have experienced a fear of failure. It will have crippled you in certain situations. What I want you to do, is let Abundant Eric’s words sink in: “Successful people fail eagerly while failures avoid failing. The whole point of becoming willing to fail more is to become a success, so that one day you won’t be forced to look back on your life and say to yourself, ‘I’m a failure’.”

What to do …

Go For NO …

Read this excellent book and try to apply it to your life. At least you’re professional life or business life.

If you are looking to get into property. View some properties. And make some bids. Put some low offers in and get comfortable hearing the word NO.

Don’t take the perceived rejection personally. Don’t get emotional. Dust yourself off and go again. Go and see some more properties and make some more bids.

If you get comfortable with the word NO, it is a form of self-preservation. It takes the pressure off and you can make the number game work for you.

After re-reading this book, I will be going out and getting more NO’s. I will be making more calls to estate agents and landlords and getting more deals. I have been too comfortable for too long. And it’s time to up my game.

Book of the week:

Go For No, by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz. Go for No is about getting comfortable with the word NO. Getting comfortable with failure. And realising that if you are not willing to fail, you are not willing to succeed.

For a hard copy visit the excellent Imagined Things Bookshop: https://imaginedthings.co.uk/

Don’t forget to appoint the solicitors


If you are buying a house – don’t forget to appoint your solicitor.

This is another painful lesson I have had to endure.

The process for buying a house in the UK is as follows:

  • View properties
  • Get mortgage in principle – you can speak to FA (financial advisor)
  • If you like a property, bid for it
  • With a bit of luck, your bid is accepted
  • Then you go to FA and get most suitable mortgage product
  • Your FA will then arrange mortgage offer with the lender
  • Appoint your solicitor
  • Patiently wait for your completion date

My latest BTL property

From start to finish, this took 5 months to complete.

This had a lot to do with COVID. A little bit was due to me working away. It was also to do with me not appointing my solicitor.

Schoolboy error!

I could come up with a couple of excuses. Trying to self-publish my 1st book: New Book. Or busy with work. Or a few other feeble excuses.

The point is it is big part of the process. Appointing my solicitor should have been on my mind from the start. Especially with COVID causing delays.

The stamp duty holiday has also been a factor. Mortgage companies have been very busy and this has slowed the process of many house sales.

What does this mean for DUFF PROPERTIES …

It means I need to up my game. It means I have to stop making avoidable mistakes.

DUFF PROPERTIES will be my full-time job as a property investor. My latest mistake or lesson shows how far I have to go.

A brief history of my property journey:

  • 1st property at 19
  • Had small portfolio in early 20s
  • Took a little 13-year break from buying houses due to 2007/2008 financial crisis and a few other excuses
  • Start of 2019 started getting back into property
  • End of 2020 average results mainly due to trying to do property investing on my own
  • Start of 2021 – networking more with courses and PIN meetings: PIN.

I need help if I am going to become a full-time property investor. I need to get around other investors and learn from the experts. Learn from people who are further on than me.

The thing is I don’t mind making mistakes. What I do mind is the prospect of working away until my late 50s or even 60s.

That is why I have to find a way to be successful in property. It is possible and I am 100% going to find a way.

What to do …

If you are like me, your job is a means to an end. You want at least a plan B. And really you want your Plan B to take over your Plan A.

Property is very powerful when you know what you are doing. I have learned the hard way and am finally making the right investment decisions.

Learn from some of my mistakes at: DUFFMONEY. Then go and learn from the experts in property.

People like Simon Zutshi, Rob Moore, Rob Dix and many more in the UK. Or even Grant Cardone in the US.

When you start reading their books you will see what is possible. Especially when you see case studies of their students who are smashing it in property.

Anything is possible. Just don’t forget to appoint your solicitor during the buying process …

Book of the week: Believe It, by Jamie Kern Lima. This book demonstrates what is possible with hard work and believing in your gut (or intuition). It is an underdog story that is worth reading.

For a hard copy visit the excellent Imagined Things Bookshop: Imagined things.

DUFF PROPERTIES and the new office

DUFF PROPERTIES and the new office

The new office sounds quite impressive.

The truth is that my new office is tiny. But it is my office, and I am proud of my tiny little space.

After years of resistance, I am finally going ahead with an extension. Mrs Duffy is finally getting her kitchen living space that she has been wanting. Well, REALLY wanting.

I have put up 3-4 years of resistance. But 2021, is the year I have finally given in.

Part of the deal was that I would get my office back. The garage has now been split into a utility, office and small storage area.

The office background

In our first house, before we had kids, I had an office.

Although, I was an average landlord (Dormant landlord), I still liked to be organised.

Then the kids came along, and I had no office.

In 2013, we moved into our current home. Fortunately, we had a spare room, and I had my office back. I could get organised again.

And I didn’t have to manage properties from a dining table.

Until Mrs Duffy replaced the office with a dressing room for her and our girls.

I was back to no office. And again, trying to manage my properties from a dining table.

It gets worse for my OCD. My OCD that is running wild.

Now Mrs Duffy works at home (due to COVID). I have been kicked out of the dining room.

My documents are in boxes in the loft. If I need anything admin wise, I get it down and work in the front room. Or for a change of scenery the kitchen.

Me and DIY

Normally I get the professionals in to do the decorating. Me and DIY don’t go well. I spend half the time going back and forth to B+Q for bits I have forgotten.

Despite my Electrical background, my DIY skills are poor. Or should I say, I never seem to have the time. If I do any DIY, I tend to rush and do a poor job because of the lack of time.

As I was away, I had to get DANOR (DANOR) electrical in for my new office and utility. Nothing major but an excellent job all the same.

It was spotlights, sockets and an extractor fan. A small job that I was happy to give to DANOR. I do enough electrical work at work. Without having to come home and do more electrical work.

After a month in Groningen, I came home for 1 weeks leave. I called a few decorators and none were available.

This led to me painting my new office. I even installed some MDF to make a feature wall. The feature wall is the popular panel effect.

I was over the moon with myself. Pathetic really but my track record with DIY isn’t good. I didn’t rush and tried to make a professional job of it.

My intention was to do a good job as I intend to be spending a lot of time in there …

Full time in my new office

At the moment I class myself as a part-time landlord. I have a full-time job and I manage my properties on the side.

My aim is to move from being a part-time landlord to full-time property investor. Sorry, it’s not an aim, it is going to happen.


A landlord is someone who manages his or her own properties. The day to day running like collecting rent, arranging repairs and ensuring the property is legally compliant: Legal compliance.

An investor will pay 10% (approx.) for a letting agent to manage their properties. They can then focus on the bigger picture. Buying more properties and growing the business.

It might be in a year or 2. It might be 5 or even 10 years. But it will happen. And my new little office is where I will run my property business – DUFF PROPERTIES.

Up to now I have managed my properties. I am working on being more efficient and improving as a landlord. After 18 years of being a landlord, it is time for a change.

It is time to become a full-time property investor. Well, that’s what I am working towards anyway.

The aim of DUFFMONEY is to raise financial awareness. It is also to document my journey from dormant rubbish landlord to successful property investor (fingers crossed anyway).

If you are interested in property investing, leave a comment and I am happy to discuss further.

P.s. DUFF PROPERTIES can help you sell your property quickly and help investors get an excellent return on their money.

Book of the week: The 5 Second Rule, by Mel Robbins. If you want to stop hesitating and procrastinating, this is the book for you. It helps to build confidence with everyday courage.

For a hard copy visit the excellent Imagined Things Bookshop: Imagined things.