The minerals to leave your 9 to 5

Having the courage to leave your 9-5 takes some serious minerals. Minerals I have yet to discover as I continue with my means to an end job. Following your dreams is possible though.

On a positive note, I do know exactly what I will be doing when I finally leave my means to an end. I will become a full-time property investor.

If I manage to follow my dream over the next few years, readers of will be the 1st to know. Not to gloat or to say, ‘I’ve done this’ or ‘I have done that.’ It is to help people realise that anything is possible.

When you hear what other people have achieved it can inspire you and motivate you. That is what happens to me anyway.

Like the 9 PIN (Property Investor Network) meetings I’ve been to on zoom so far in 2021 – There have been a lot of case studies of success stories. People who have done MM (Master mind training) with Simon Zutshi and are smashing it in property.

Anyway, I have an example of someone who is smashing it and she is not involved in property. This lady is my sister, and I am very proud of what she has achieved so far. I am proud to say that she has had the minerals to leave her means to and end and follow her dreams.

Imagined Things

Although Georgia worked hard to get to become a Radiographer, it was never for her. She got the degree and secured a job no doubt earning good money. But that wasn’t the dream!

The dream was to write books and one day open her own bookshop.

This led to Imagined Things in July 2017. Imagined Things is an Independent bookshop in Harrogate.

Imagined things is a beautiful bookshop located in Westminister Arcade, Harrogate. It is just down from Betty’s Tea rooms. When things get back to normal, you can get yourself a cup of tea at Betty’s and head down to Imagined Things Bookstore.

If you are ever in Harrogate (when normality returns), visit this unique bookshop. You won’t be disappointed!!

You can also order online by visiting the Imagined Things website:

Not only can you order your books online, but you can also read all about Georgia’s amazing journey so far. Including a viral tweet that made a massive difference to Georgia and her awesome bookshop. She is an inspiration for anyone thinking about leaving their 9-5 job.

Book of the week:

Feel the fear and do it anyway, by Susan Jeffers. Personally, I have always had a fear of failure. This book will give you some insights and tools to massively improve how you tackle your fears.

For a hard copy visit the excellent Imagined Things Bookshop:

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