Don’t say anything negative for 30 days

‘Negativity affects you negatively, 100% of the time’ – Trevor Moawad, It takes what it takes

Over the last few years, I have realised the importance of a positive mindset. It is hard, trust me I know as I have been very negative in the past. It is very hard during a pandemic as many people are struggling for a variety of reasons.

This week I am going to invite you to join me in a little challenge. You don’t say anything negative for 30 days.

The challenge

The aim is to remain positive as much as possible during this 30-day period. You are ok to think negative thoughts, but not say them!

You find yourself moaning about someone in the office on day 3, you go back to day 1. You start bitching about someone you don’t like on day 8, straight back to day 1.

The first time I heard this challenge, was an old video from Earl Nightingale:

This video (The Strangest Secret) was discussing the law of attraction. So, if you are negative, you attract negative. But, on the other hand, if you can manage to be positive, you attract positive.

The main theme of The Strangest Secret is covered with the following points:
1) You will become what you think about
2) Use your imagination and let your mind soar
3) Use courage to think about your goals from all possible angles
4) Save 10% of your income
5) Action – ideas are worthless without action

I have heard this challenge a few times over the last few years – like listening to an audible from Kevin Hart:

I have even made a few attempts at this challenge but have failed miserably. I had 10 years of being very negative mainly about work and money and it is hard to reverse. It would get to day 3 or 4 and I would say something negative.

Giving it another go

On January 1st, 2021 I decided to give this another go. A few days in and I haven’t said anything negative. But I have been here before!

An example of saying negative

The effects of being negative can be really bad. Have you ever had one of those days when nothing goes right? I have had my fair share and you end up saying things like, ‘Why me’? The more you get down about it, the more s*** happens!

Trevor Moawad talks about the effects of talking negative in his excellent book, It takes what it takes. He really drives home the importance of not talking negatively. He is a famous mindset coach (American) and has coached many top athletes like Russel Wilson so knows what he’s talking about!

As I have been trying to be more positive, I have been trying to stress the importance of it to Mrs Duffy. Up until late 2019, she thought that I was talking nonsense.

That was until our youngest daughter had an accident. At the time, both our girls were going roller skating on a Friday night at the local leisure centre. I must admit that our youngest is accident prone …

Early December 2019, Mrs Duffy started telling one of the other parents exactly that as they started skating. She told the parent how anxious she was and how our daughter was always the one getting hurt. How roller skating was dangerous and that our daughter would probably break her arm …

5 minutes in and our youngest daughter broke her arm! This shows how talking negatively can have a negative effect on you. Now it might sound a little bit out there but just try not saying something like this out loud.

And if you have any doubts, look into Trevor Moawad and some of his strategies on improving mindset.

To have any chance of completing this challenge, you might want to ignore the news. I get that we need to be at least aware of current affairs. Just try and limit how much news you watch because it is mainly negative.


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