Bet on yourself

Investing in yourself

I have always liked a bet. And not just football bets and a little flutter on the horses. I have also had a bit of faith and bet on myself.

This led to me going back to college in my late 20s. I expected to do 2 years. But it turned into 6 years of hard graft and I ended up with a degree.

What it was at the time was an expensive gamble. It cost me £8,000 to get that piece of paper and there were certainly no guarantees of it paying off.

The expected job offers didn’t come in. Although I honestly thought that I would get load of job offers but that wasn’t the case. Ultimately, any success I have had career wise, have come because of other people. They have come because of my network.

My honest opinion is that my further education hasn’t done that much for me. I can barely remember what I was studying, and it certainly didn’t make me better at my job. I’m still a poor electrician and can barely put a light fitting up.

The point is, I was willing to invest in myself.

Investing in yourself – the failures  

An expensive course that I have never used was a planning course. This was when I was obsessed with doing anything to avoid working offshore.

Nothing to do with the work. And the rotation of 2 on 2 off was very doable. My fear of helicopters got the better of me after 8 years of working offshore on and off.

This wasn’t just a £100 safety course. The course was £800, and I thought it would help me get into project management. Maybe I should have done some more research and actually done a project management course …

Another expensive course that I haven’t used is an Autocad course. That was another £500 down the drain

The positive about that £1300 is that I don’t regret paying for the courses. I invested in myself and I thought it was the right thing to do at the time. I thought the courses would help me career wise. I thought wrong but again, you have to make mistakes along the way.

Me being ok with failure hasn’t always been the case. I have had many failures and beat myself up time and time again.

“Don’t fear failure—not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail.” -Bruce Lee:

Investing in yourself – the unknown

Over the last few years, I have been working on my first book. This is what led me to writing:

  • I had years of being negative over money and work
  • I decided I was going to change my outlook one way or another
  • I became obsessed with self-development and learning about money
  • I read the excellent RESET and that led me to writing a blog
  • I wrote an 85,000 word 1st attempt in Tunisia last year – it was very poor
  • After another year, I felt I was ready for round 2
  • I have now written a 55,000 word book that is at least better than the 1st attempt

Now I have self-doubt about this book. It is a little bit out there. What if people don’t like it? What if no one reads it?

But …

I am going to push on anyway.

I sent it to over 50 agents in an attempt to get it published traditionally. I got excited when I had three responses. With a little digging, the responses weren’t legitimate, and they were trying to scam me. The traditional route didn’t work out.

But …

I am still going to push on!

I am now going to self-publish despite my self doubts. And this brings me back to having a little bet on yourself.

I have invested a lot of time into this book. I have also invested money into getting it published:

  • £800 on an editor I found on upwork (well worth it as my grammar was awful):

  • £400 on a front cover
  • £350 to format the book so that it can be uploaded onto Amazon and any other site I decide to go with
  • £400 to market it

That is a total of £1950. Hands down my biggest gamble to date. It might flop. It might do ok. Either way, I will let you know how my little bet goes.

p.s. my aim is to publish in January 2021 – for a limited time, I will offer it for free to readers of DUFFMONEY.




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