First Ever Sales Pitch

What Led Me to the Sales Pitch

If you are like me, you have suffered with anxiety because of your relationship with money. Worrying about money in my early 20s, led to my first ever sales pitch.

At the time, I still had hopes of being a property millionaire. What happened was negative equity and over a decade of mistakes.

Willing to try Anything

Easily the most embarrassing of attempts at making money was my sales pitch. Leaving the RAF, I was worried about money and how I was going to afford my new house. This was the house I persuaded the future Mrs Duffy to move into.

The plan was to buy the new house off plan and sell for a quick profit. The house was bought for £130k and was never valued above £120k.

Leaving the RAF with no job, I had to move into my new house.

Me and future Mrs Duffy spent 5 years in a house we didn’t want to live in. This was our first house and not the ideal start.

As well as looking for a new job, I was also looking at additional income. This led me to the sales pitch and Aloe Vera products. In my defence, I thought I was going to be selling gym supplements. I didn’t do my research.

Aloe Vera Sales Pitch
Aloe Vera Sales Pitch

The Sales Pitch

What I got was £250 of Aloe Vera products to sell on to family and friends. The products ranged from toothpaste to skin cream and a whole range of other products.

I dreamed of making thousands of pounds as I read the testimony’s on-line. In reality, I sold £80 worth of the £250 products to family and friends.

It was August 2006, and I had invited 12 friends and family. Everyone piled into our front room as I gave a presentation on Aloe Vera products.

To be honest, 14 years on and I’m still cringing.

It was humid and there seemed to be a swarm of dragonflies that were distracting me. I am known as being shy and reserved. Not a good mix when getting up in front of 12 women.

With nerves and my monotone voice thrown into the mix, the presentation was a disaster. Not only was I aware of my flat voice, I kept forgetting my lines.

Stood up mumbling away, I was sweating like a pig. Aware of how bad it was going; I was burning up and my face was beetroot.

Despite the disaster presentation, my Mam and a few others took pity on me. A few of the products sold but my first sales pitch ended very awkwardly.

We had a laugh at my expense and I drank through the pain.

Lessons learned

Looking back, this reminds me of a younger version of myself giving it a go. It was raw then, but we have to fail to get where we are going.

This was me willing to try anything to improve my finances. With over a decade of mistakes, I have many lessons to pass on.

With anything you do money wise, do your research. My lack of interest in research has contributed to many lessons learned.

Please have a good laugh at some of my mistakes within Then learn from my mistakes to avoid financial pain.

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