Property Networking Finally

Career Networking 

A lesson I have learned in recent years, is the importance of a network.17 years as a Landlord and I finally realise I needed help.

Looking at my work/career network, this should have been apparent many years before.

My work/career network has been successful because of the amount of help I have received. Work wise, I get 9/10 jobs through people I know going out of their way to help. With me, the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is very true.

To friends and colleagues who have helped me out, I massively appreciate it! I am nothing career wise without my career network!

Property Networking 

12 months ago, I started to build my property network by going to PIN (Property Investor Network) and  seminars. This didn’t last as I went to a property course in October, then had a 10-month break.

My lack of property network is a factor in my slow progress.

With time for reflection, I have realised that being around other property investors, would help with my progress.

My issue with networking is that I am an introvert and am uncomfortable with people I don’t know. I am the tool who goes red when I see someone I know at Tesco.

I am that person who can barely string a sentence together when speaking to a group.

Even meetings over Microsoft Teams are uncomfortable for me as I have realised with my new job. I can feel myself colouring up as soon as I get asked a question.

This is feeble I know but it is what it is. Naturally, I am a shy introvert who likes to keep himself to himself. The problem with this is that it won’t get me where I want to go.

Getting comfortable at being uncomfortable is something I keep hearing so I will give it a go.

Forcing myself to be comfortable is exactly what I have been doing over the last few months. The meetings over Teams are getting easier and I can now string a full sentence together without going beetroot.

The PIN meetings I have been going to over the last few months are getting easier. I am learning a massive amount from people who I wouldn’t normally associate with.

I need help from other property investors, and I need to build my property network.

Learn From my Mistakes

Doing property on my own has led to many mistakes so try and build your property network early.

As I have found out, you can only learn so much from a book. You need to get the knowledge and put it into action. Being around other investors might give you that kick up the ass you need.

If you are interested in becoming a property investor, get around other more experienced investors. From my experience, it will save you a lot of time and you will reach your goals much faster.

You might think that meeting total strangers isn’t quite for you. You might think that getting comfortable at being uncomfortable is a load of s**t.

If on the other hand you are not quite where you want to be work wise or don’t get to do the things you want to do, why not try something different.

If you would like to see my Property Networking attempts in 2019 have a look at 

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