Mr Positive

‘It Takes What it Takes: How to Think Neutrally and Gain Control of Your Life’ (Trevor Moaward, Andy Staples) is a book I am about to start. This is a book I have to read after listening to Trevor Moaward on Impact theory (one of the self-development podcasts I listen to).

Normally I like to write shit about money and how poor I am with it. Little examples of how I didn’t know how to manage money and how I am working my way to financial literacy (basically fully understanding money and how to use it wisely).

This week I will be writing about psychology as the mind and money are very much linked. At least they are for me.

The thing is with me, I have always known I am a bit of a dark cloud. Since getting into self-development, this drove the point home and is one of the many things I have to sort so that I can fully get my house in order.

Since reading loads of SD books and watching podcasts and absorbing as much content as possible on how to improve, I have become much more self-aware.

I am not necessarily externally negative. As I like to think I am not too much of a misery on the outside. On the other hand, I am very negative on the inside.

Whenever my mind drifts off, invariably it is thinking about something negative. I’ll focus on worst-case scenarios surrounding work and money without even realizing I’m doing it.

The podcast got me thinking further into it and goes into how important it is to stay positive and say positive.

Over the last few months I have being trying to sort this out. Jim Kwik (who has some useful material on learning how to learn) stresses how important it is to kill ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts). The way to do it is to replace ANTs with positive thoughts and that is what I have been trying to do.

Fuck me it is hard to do when you have shit loads of ANTs to deal with on a daily basis. The good thing is that now I am aware of just how much of a dark cloud I am or have been I can work on doing something about it.

I am not down in the dumps depressed or anything I would say I am anxious about shit I shouldn’t be. This mainly revolves around work, and money, and getting my house in order.

Good habits are essential in order to have any success and that is what I am trying to do all the time. Being negative and thinking negative thoughts is a shitty habit that I am trying to reverse.

I will fucking force myself to be positive and am slowly realizing that it is an inside job and not my outside circumstances. So fuck if I am stuck in the middle of the desert (with work). I am here for a reason and I have to look at the bigger picture.

What I really like about the Moaward podcast (Impact Theory) is how he goes over the impact of saying negative things. He uses sporting examples of how famous sports stars said something negative and it became a reality.

For example, a famous basketball star was quoted as saying my big fear is playing for 10 years, retiring and dying of a heart attack when I’m 40. This actually happened. Hopefully I haven’t said anything that negative in the past… Hopefully I said something like “I am going to live an awesome life and die a very old very happy man.”

This is an extreme example but it is a powerful message and is one of the ways he warns the listener against using negative language.

A negative thing I do say is “I am terrible with names, I just call everyone mate.” Low and behold I really struggle to remember names. Remembering someones name is an important skill and something I want to improve upon.

Apparently our brain is a super computer and is always listening to what we say. So if I say I am bad with names, I will be bad with names.

So I am going to turn into Mr Positive and crack on trying to reverse bad habits.

“I am really good at remembering names.”

“I am going to get my FI before I am 45.”

“I will have 30 houses and property will be my full time business.”

“Mrs Duffy will get her £50,000 kitchen / extension.”

“I will pay my Mam’s mortgage off so she can retire!!!”

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