Property networking

My first ever network event was on the 10th of September and was to be held in a hotel in Ripon. This is lovely little town in North Yorkshire and I was quite familiar with the town as I had been on days out to Ripon Races.

I am currently looking for my 5th rental house and am currently deciding on my preferred strategy. Stick with my current strategy of one rental a year going forward or up my game and start thinking about multi-lets (similar to HMOs) or other creative strategies. It is time to start networking so I can speak to investors with more experience than me.

Although I was apprehensive about going and meeting a load of strangers, I was also excited and felt that meeting successful property investors was going to have a positive influence on my life. On my life and most importantly my family’s life.

The drive their didn’t really go to plan as I got flashed by a speed camera. Shit, it was the first time I had been caught speeding since I was 18. This wasn’t going to put me in a bad mood as I wanted to create a good impression.

I got myself there for 1900 and spoke to the lady at the reception and she had no idea what I was talking about. Not the best start to the night. “The network event must be in a conference room in the hotel,” I said. “Mate, have a look, it is a fucking Wetherspoons with a few shitty rooms upstairs,” she said. Brilliant!

After checking my e-mail and free ticket for the free network, I read that you were to wear green and go to the end of the bar to the right (between 1900 and 1930). So I found the main bar and waited until 1945. No one turned up. Not good!

On the miserable drive home I got diverted because of road works that added 30 minutes to a 40-minute journey. This summed my night up. I wasn’t pissed off I just saw it as an inconvenience. The old me what have saw this as an embarrassment but things have changed and I was able to see the funny side.

I am going to a property crash course in London at the end of October and this little bump in the road won’t stop me. The course is to be hosted by Samuel Leeds. His book ‘Buy Low Rent High’ is one of the first property books I have read and I love his Youtube videos. Every Wednesday he has a success story from one of his students and it is inspiring and gets me thinking about the possibilities of being a successful property investor.

This is another case of me not quite doing my research. I should have spoke to the event organizer before heading to Ripon. You live and you learn or in your case learn from my mistakes. Do your due diligence with everything you do.

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